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Ultima Money is now part of World First UK Ltd

Ultima Money Ltd has now fully merged with World First UK Ltd, a multi-award winning foreign exchange company, headquartered in London with offices in Australia and the US. The merger brings a number of benefits to Ultima Money clients, namely access to more extensive foreign exchange expertise and service offering.

If you are an existing ACCOUNT HOLDER of Ultima Money please click here

To read more about the merger, please click here to access our FAQ page

Who will be my contact at World First to secure a rate?

Private individual clients

Your main point of contact to replace Toby Fischer will be Jamie Forbes, Rebecca Snape or Helen Ghebreluul.

Telephone: 0207 801 1050 or 0800 542 7488


Business clients

Monique Valery and Alice Saje will assist in converting your account to a World First account. They will also be your main point of contact to replace Toby Fischer.

Telephone: 0207 095 0608


Once your account has been converted you will be assigned a dedicated and experienced consultant to manage your account in full. They will talk you through the process, secure rates and provide expert currency information.

You can contact Toby Fischer at Ultima Money on 0207 183 6611 or 07775 900310 or email if you have any questions.

About World First

  • UK’s fastest growing foreign exchange company and third largest by net profit
  • Authorised by the Financial Services Authority with a 2A1 credit rating
  • Fast, secure and user-friendly service

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Benefits of using World First:

  • The best available exchange rates guaranteed: Save up to 4%
  • Exceptional service: Your own dedicated and experienced consultant
  • Forward Contracts: Fix the exchange rate in advance (up to 3 years)
  • Currency Options: Hedging strategies to protect against currency volatility
  • Transact online with World First Online: Best in class online platform – book and manage your transactions
  • 24/7 Expert knowledge: Economic research, free exchange rate updates and rate alert service

What do I need to if I have an Ultima Money account?

  • Private individual clients -You will need to convert your account online with World First – this takes just a few minutes

Notes: When clicking on the link above you will be sent to an account opening form. On stage 2 of this form when asked to provide identification documentation numbers please select "I will provide later" on the drop down option. Ultima Money will then be alerted to provide your documentation to World First once you have submitted the form. On stage 3 of this form when asked how did you hear about World First please select "other" and enter Ultima Money in the box provided. This will help speed up the documentation handling and account opening process.

  • Business clients -You will need to convert your account online with World First – this takes just a few minutes

Notes: When completing this form please complete all 3 stages in full in order to speed up the account conversion process and make it as smooth as possible.


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